- Building & Facilities

To compete in the world of health, PT Errita Pharma continuously create high quality products. Procurement of new high-tech machines with repair facilities and infrastructure is a manifestation of our commitment to produce products that meet GMP standards and expectations of our customers.

With production Liquid non-beta-lactam (syrup and suspension), Solid non-beta-lactam (tablet, caplet and capsule) and Beta-lactam (caplet, capsule and dry syrup) certified GMP is our main asset to meet the ever increasing demand.

- HVAC & Water Treatment System

Water Treatment System
As one of the main components in the drug manufacturing process, water treatment systems our special attention. Processed using high-tech tools and through the 5 stages of the process are controlled strictly produce pure water and purified water meets quality .

HVAC System
In the pharmaceutical industry, ambient conditions affect the quality of products produced. HVAC system is the good management can prevent particle and microbial contamination. Indoor air our production is managed by the HVAC system (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) that have quality and equipped with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter to ensure the air remains at a predetermined limit. Similarly, finished product with the resulting high-quality, safe and provide the best benefits for our customers

- Production

All our equipment has a design and construction that meets the requirements of GMP. The production capacity has been increased in line with growing product demand.

To maintain high quality product, our production process are monitor with strict supervision, qualified operational personnel and scheduled maintenance regularly

- Mechine & Equipment

- Quality Control

Quality or good products can only be produced through the management and quality control are consistent and integrated at each stage of the process, among other things:
• Planning, starting from the selection of a formula that is based on the selection of quality materials and comes from a trusted supplier and procurement of buildings and facilities were qualified
• Implementation of production, using methods that have been validated and implemented by trained personnel
• Examination, conducted since the beginning of the material received by the warehouse every stage of the production process, after the finished product is finished. And even after the finished product on the market
• Evaluation and improvement, to improve quality and add value to products produced With quality management in accordance with the standards of GMP and ISO 9001: 2008, we always strive to provide products and services that exceed the expectations of all of our loyal customers

- Research & Development

Oriented to research and application of pharmaceutical technology, our Inhouse Research & Development departments has become a major important role in the manufacture of new products and the development of product variants. Supported by personnel who competent, research methods were tested and adequate equipment, produce quality products so as to meet customer expectations and provide added value to products produced

- Iso Control

Our concern for public health are not only realized by supplying high quality products but also to the management of environmental impacts management and social and ecological impact of corporate activities. Social relations with the surrounding community, the handling of solid waste and liquid waste, the measurement of exhaust emissions and noise levels continue to be controlled and to be our priority On this venture, PT Errita Pharma successfully acquired the certificate of environmental management with the environmental management standard ISO 14001: 2015

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